Annual Fee for Accompany Atlanta Services:

Our $1800 annual fee provides 12 hours with a critical-care doula (while these hours are typically used as in-hospital hours, they can also be used for non-emergency care, like a doctor’s visit), 2 in-home visits, and monthly phone calls.

Why Annually?

We chose this path because we want our critical-care doulas ready to provide compassion and connection. Our doulas are skilled advocates for our clients. Annual billing means that, when you need us, all that’s left to do is pick up a phone. You can rest easy knowing a qualified, critical-care doula is ready to offer the gift of presence when you simply can’t be there. 
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What if we don’t use our hours?

In the event no critical care events occur within the 12-month contract period, we will happily reserve 12 hours of our doula’s time to attend pre-scheduled doctor appointments or other daytime appointments.
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Additional Services (a la carte pricing):

  • Doula to attend doctor visits: $75.00 per hour

  • Medical librarian to conduct directed research and provide a written report (in language you can understand!): $200

  • Additional hourly, in-home visits: $100 per hour


Accompany Atlanta brought real comfort and a valuable perspective when my father became ill.  While Amy’s (our doula) focus was on my father's needs, she recognized the value of listening and helping to address the anxieties of my mother as we struggled to care for him.  It is incredibly valuable to have someone with Amy's character and experience meet you where you are and help you navigate the unfamiliar territory of a loved one's illness.

– Lisa H., for her father